1) Delivery charges and its norms.

Generally,delivery charges are imposed upon items or products with least cost to maintain the balance between the cost of the product and shipping cost of our logistics partner.
A delivery fee of Rs 35 - 40 is charged against each product which cost below Rs 499 and above or the mentioned price itself is u claimed to be given free delivery.
Note: Havenarth charges delivery fee on particular products only. Also, it may differ from seller to seller.
For more information regarding free delivery or charges on each product please go through your order summary.

2) Reason of difference between estimated delivery date and delivery timeline on product's page.

Some of our sellers and logistic partners do not work on Sundays, so this could be one of the major reasons of difference between the two.
Also,another possible reason could be, holidays between the time interval you placed your order.From the estimated date,thus we add or extend to other available working day.

3) Delivery Time and its norms.

We deliver products accordingly to the estimated delivery time as provided on the product's page.
Note:Business days exclude Sundays and other holidays.

Factors affecting the estimated delivery time:

  1. Availability of Havenarth's & Seller's products.
  2. Distance between your's and seller's location.